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May 17, 2013 6:55pm PDT
. >> eric holder is being grilled on a couple of scandals that are rocking the obama administration. >> the attorney general eric holder grilled by lawmakers. >> grilled by congress. >> getting peppered with questions. >> stephen: mmm, grilled and peppered. that explains why darrell issa was wearing that "kiss the cook" apron. now, holder desperately sparred with the great minds on the judiciary committee, but then he bit off more than he could chew. when he ran up against congressman and magical talking cantaloupe louie gohmert's questions about the f.b.i.'s investigation into the boston bombers. >> you state as a matter of fact what the f.b.i. did and did not do. you simply do not know that. and you have characterize the f.b.i. as being not thorough. i know what the f.b.i. did. you cannot know what i know. that's all. >> i cannot have a-- >> regular order. >> challenge my character. >> mr. chairman. regular order, please. >> gentlemen, we'll-- >> without responding to that. >> the attorney general made statements that what i said was not true when actually the reverse is what happ
May 15, 2013 1:00pm PDT
scandals. >> obama's dangerous new narrative. >> scandal woes pile up. >> west wing schooled on scandal. >> d.c. turns on obama. >> these headlines refer to the trifecta of turmoil provoked by what happened in benghazi. a decision by the irs to selectively per sue right wing organizations, and the behavior of the department of justice which accessed telephone in your opinions used extensively by reporters at the associated press. all very serious. all raising important questions for the president and the administration. but as the white house comes under a hail of critical gunfire, one man has had the very best week in a very long time. you see, until recently, karl rove's advice, spending, and commentary amounted to this. >> do you believe that ohio has been settled? >> no, i don't. >> this is is democratic territory. and we're quite comfortable with the idea that obama has carried ohio. >> i'm just raising the question of our responsibility to call these things when it appears to ordinary americans that we are not leading the pack for the sake of leading the pack but we're calling it.
May 19, 2013 5:00pm EDT
republicans using the irs scandal to derail obama here? your thoughts? >> here's what the republicans are doing. what they're doing is basically implementing project "shield the facts that they have no agenda," operation "shield the fact that they have no agenda." look, we do need to take a look at the decisions thaerp made that were wholly inappropriate at the irs to treat organizations differently instead of equally. i mean, that is absolutely essential. that investigation should be done in a bipartisan way without a partisan agenda. but, of course, that isn't in the dna of this republican party or this republican leadership. and in fact, they are being driven by the these right-wing organizations. in fact, to actually set aside real legislation that we might have an opportunity to consider and debate, in place of focusing on investigations so that they can really try to trip up the obama administration. >> congresswoman, they are talking about the midterms already. they are talking about 2014 and taking over the senate and repealing and putting obama in a box. what about that? >> they'
May 20, 2013 7:00am EDT
congress is not overreacting to the burgeoning scandals plaguing the obama administration. a cnn/o.r.c. poll found that 54% of americans do not believe that congress is overreacting to the i.r.s. scrutiny of conservative groups, while 42% said that it is. by an even larger margin, 59% to 37%, respondents said that congress is making the right moves on the administration's actions regarding the benghazi terror attack. while the poll came as white house senior advisor dan pfeiffer made the round of sunday talk shows defending president obama, we'll hear some of the sunday talk show excerpts coming up on the "washington journal" today. let's look at some other coverage. this is from "the washington post" outlook section this weekend. it says the i.r.s. situation is actually partially congress' fault. this piece says, it's congress that forces the i.r.s. to get political. host: that's "the washington post." here's "the washington times." in the house, republicans are going after the i.r.s., also the house law. and fellow house republicans took another vote friday to repeal president
FOX Business
May 15, 2013 10:00pm EDT
. have a great night. lou: good evening tha you for being with us breaking news on three major scandals posing a threat to the obama administration, the irs, benghazi and the department of justice assault on the first amendment rights of the associated press. we begin with the brewing i.r. scandal president obama speaking moments ago after he met with senior treasury officials on the i.r.a. situation and confirming the personnel changes are of the way. >> we will hold the responsible parties countable and just today i directed secretary lew to follow-up on the ig audit to see how this happene and who is responsible to make sure we understand all the facts. today secretary lew took the first debt by requesting and accepting the resignation of the acti commissioner of the irs because given the cootroversy surrounding this audit is important to institute new leadership to help restore confidence calling for word. lou: a stunning turnaround in just 24 hours and it began with press secretary carney refusing to it meant th irs had done anything wrong. here is what he said yesterday. wait for
FOX News
May 16, 2013 1:00am PDT
story, the way it's picked up steam as a scandal, but the obama administration, his senior aides, they regard that of the three big stories we're talking about as the one that's closest to a winner for them, the one where they have a chance to persuade the public at large that it's really just ginned up by republican partisanship. be not fooled. yes, there's been some tougher questioning for jay carney, even for the president, on these subjects, but some of the toughest voices in today's blathersphere, there will be the most weepy laudtory eulogies of barack obama and his presidency. the current stories feeding the politico cycle are done as well. in retirement, barack obama will benefit from an incredibly well-funded, well-coordinated campaign for constitutional enshrinement similar to which we saw after the assassination of president kennedy. >> bill: well, also bill clinton did well in post-spin. you're discounting things, rosen, these things could get a lot worse. >> that's true. >> bill: this isn't the crest of the wave. this wave is starting to come now, but it's certainly not th
May 18, 2013 5:00pm EDT
why not repeal that bill today? >> good to have you with us tonight, folks. scandal, scandal. it was the so-called scandal week, filled with scandal everywhere. the obama administration is in trouble. it's bs and i'll tell you why. all these stories with, this is all red meat for republicans. the righties are drooling everywhere. you know how you throw on a case of mer low and a carton of campbell camel to john boehner. >> nothing dissolves the bonds of people and their government like the arrogance of power in washington. these what the american people are seeing today from the obama administration, remarkable arrogance. >> arrogance. let's play a word game. a heck of a word. republicans going to be talking about these scandals for month to come maybe even years because they really want to tarnish obama. let me tell you what the real scandal that's going on in washington right now. republicans in congress voted to reveal obama care for the 38th time. they did that on thursday as advertised and the vote didn't go down without a big show. >> we see this coming just like the titanic, we see the iceberg only it's not just in a midst. shortly in front of our eyes. we hav
May 18, 2013 2:00pm EDT
clinton years, the effect of scandal is to empower the hard line in each party, obama is going to find a tougher i think to make deals that may alienate some of the congressional democrats while he needs them to defend them against the republicans and on the other side voices get louder inside the gop that say the president is bleeding, we don't want to throw him lifelines with any agreements and that could be a shortsighted view for the republicans. it makes it harder to get immigration and the net may not be a positive by 2016. >> and i want to talk about the obama economy. this is what it looks like now, the labor force participation right 63.3 pretax, income up 2% in the past year, 5% over the past two years, overall the economy grew just 2.5% in the first three months of the year, but deficits dropping, plunged 32% in the first half of the fiscal year. housing improving. prices are rising in most areas. consumer confidence we learned is almost at a six-year high. stocks, i don't have to tell you, most of those people in washington have a 401(k) and very well aware what's happening i
May 14, 2013 2:30am PDT
kathleen carole. >>> president obama stayed out of the irs scandal until yesterday. the president addressed the agency's role in targeting organizations with the words tea party in their name and some others that had conservative ideologies. the president came out saying that behavior is not acceptable in his administration. >> if, in fact, irs personnel engaged in the kind of practices that have been reported on, and were intentionally targeting conservative groups, that's outrageous. and there's no place for it. and they have to be held fully accountable. we'll wait and see what exactly all the details and the facts are. but i've got no patience with it. i will not tolerate it. and we'll make sure that we find out exactly what happened on this. >> now, the agency says the scandal was limited to low-level workers at a cincinnati field office. but now "the washington post" is reporting at least two irs officials based in washington, d.c. were also involved with the investigations. the house ways and means committee has set hearings for friday. and there will be a senate probe, as
FOX News
May 16, 2013 1:00pm PDT
. this is "the five." >>> benghazi, the irs, the ap phone scandals. president obama is knee deep in three scandals that threaten his
May 19, 2013 3:00pm EDT
irresponsible of me to lay every problem of the irs at president obama's footstep, and on this scandal we don't know what happened with this. i think one thing is clear. after obama was elected in '08 and the tea party movement started, there was a tone somehow these people were a problem, and all of these slurs, all of these racial slur, the fact they were haters is somehow translated into the bureaucracy which could have done it on its own and took very inappropriate behavior. i'm not ready to say that was controlled by the white house. the key thing for the white house and for all americans is to just get the facts on the table. the american people are fair. they'll look at the facts, make their decisions. i think that's what we have to do going forward. >> chris, i want to call your attention to some numbers here. the latest cnn poll that the president's popularity at this point. again, e not only has it not taken a hit, according to the cnn poll, he's more popular now than he was a month ago. what can we make of those numbers? >> well, you know, i think there's a couple of ways to lo
FOX Business
May 16, 2013 6:00pm EDT
scandal obama says there is no there on benghazi the accountability review board offered a thorough investigation but as lou dobbs printed out that is distorting the truth. >> actually mr. president that review board did not looking into every element of benghazi but did examine the security matters before the attack it did not look into those responsible for the attack for the administration's response and pickering and mullin did not interview secretary of state clinton. i am sorry mr. president, but you knew better. you had to know better. there you are. [laughter] what are you talking about tonight? >> we are looking at the mounting scandals and inconsistencies, misrepresen tation and scandals rocked the administration juss about everywhere you look there are people misstating the facts making for policy choices and sometimes both aggressively. what is this administration actually doing? they claim they don't know when they get caught whenever there is a problem. with the chalk talk i will lay out out this administration has become the ideal noah administration. [laughter] gerri
May 17, 2013 1:40am PDT
testify on capitol hill. and president obama is looking to get past the scandal. abc's tahman bradley is covering these developments. good morning, tahman. >> reporter: diana, john, good morning. president obama is pushing back hard. he says he is angry about the irs scandal and is going to clean it up. more damage control at the white house. president obama weathering rain drops and the irs storm. >> my main concern is fixing a problem. >> reporter: the president says he will make sure anyone involved in unfairly targeting conservative groups seeking tax-exempt status is held accountable. >> looking forward to working with congress to -- to fully investigate what happened, make sure it doesn't happen again. >> reporter: mr. obama admitted he first learned about the controversy from the media and said that a government watch dog report about the scandal made him angry. after announcing the forced resignation of acting commissioner, the president named his replacement. we also learned a second official, the man in charge of the agency's exempt and government entities division announced
May 15, 2013 10:00pm PDT
why new jersey is >>> president obama took action today to try to contain scandal fever sweeping washington. released 100 e-mails about benghazi, got rid of the head of the irs. >> americans have a right to be angry about it and i am angry about it. >> two erupting scandals. >> the irs has been used as a political tool through history. >> we will hold the responsible parties accountable. >> every day this week. >> veritable storm of scandals. >> brings a new scandal. >> stop calling it a huge scandal. >> everybody simmer down now! >> let the facts speak for themselves. >> the good news, it is fixable. >> i don't understand what they're accusing the president of doing. >> my question isn't about who is going to resign. >> acting commissioner of the irs. >> my question is who is going to jail over this scandal. >> i look forward to taking questions at tomorrow's press conference. >> i don't even understand what they're accusing the president of doing. >> the ap scandal engulfing the administration. >> let's be clear it is perfectly legal. >> we can't count on the administration to
FOX Business
May 15, 2013 5:00pm EDT
us. president obama is going to deliver a statement on the widening irs scandal. that is 6:00 p.m. eastern time. just about 20 two minutes from now. fox business will take it live so be sure to stay tuned. >>> in the meantime, wait until you hear this because it is definitely not something you hear every day, the congressional budget office says our federal deficit is going down. new projections say it will be about 25%. that is $200 billion less than was the forecast just three months ago. that is a nice change from four straight years of trillion dollar deficits but, does it mean that we owe thanks to higher taxes? come on! or other things that some of us don't love? here to crunch the numbers are douglas holtz-eakin, former director of the cbo and christian dorsey with the economic policy institute. gentlemen, welcome back to the show. >> thank you. melissa: doug, what do you think, are you buying into this better projection? >> 2013 is real. the trouble is it doesn't give you any sustained improvement in the budget outlook over the next 10 years. so you should have been concer
May 16, 2013 4:00am PDT
resign. my question is, who is going to jail over this scandal? >> president obama promised new oversight and coordination with congress to investigate targeting of conservative groups. >> i've reviewed the treasury department watchdog's report and the misconduct that it uncovered is inexcusable. it's inexcusable and americans are right to be angry about it and i'm angry about it. >> the department of justice is looking into whether the irs violated any civil rights there. now to benghazi. newly released white house emails provided glimpse how the obama administration handled the talking points after the benghazi terror attacks. the 99 pages of emails between the white house, state department and cia detail the debate over what to disclose in the points. the ones u.n. ambassador susan rice used the following sunday on multiple morning news shows. an e-mail from then cia director david petraeus reveals some of his hesitations. petraeus writes quote, no mention of the cable to cairo either? frankly, i'd just as soon not use them. this concern after his deputy scratched out mention
FOX Business
May 17, 2013 10:00pm EDT
benghazi scandal. despite requests from the obama administration to not support president assad. joint chiefs of staff chairman cricized the russian move saying it was "ill-timed and very unfortunate." turning back to benghazi and the modified limited hangout by this administration. more than two thirds of republican house lawmakers now favor that committee to examine the benghazi attacks. our first guest tonight is one of those lawmakers. joining us now is congressman randy forbe o virgini congressman, good to have you with us. >> thank you, lou. i want to get your reaction to the hearing, the performance of the inspector general who sat aside of the now outgoing acting commissioner, stephen miller. >> i think that we see across this admintration there is justice culturof of arrogance and absolute disdain for anyone who would dare try to hold them accountable. i think that is what you saw constantly coming through the testimony today. this adminisation loves to respond with i do not know. i do not know. they even started now with this thing of setting up investigations so they do not
FOX Business
May 18, 2013 4:00am EDT
. the obama administrati now blames its scandals on budget cuts. we'll take a hard look at those numbers in tonight's "chalk talk." ♪ grew up in a small town and when the rain would fall down ♪ ♪ i'd just stare out my w window ♪ ♪ dreaming of what could be and if i'd end up happy ♪ ♪ i would pray i could breakaway ♪ ♪ i'll spread my wings and i'll learn how to fly ♪ i'll do what it takes till i touch the sky ♪ ♪ i gotta take a risk, take a chance, make a change, and break away ♪ ♪ wanna feel the warm breeze, sleep under a palm tree ♪ ♪ feel the rush of the ocean ♪ ♪ get on board a fast train, travel on a jet plane far away ♪ ♪ and break away ♪ out of the darkness and into the sun ♪ ♪ but i won't forget the place i come from ♪ ♪ i gotta take a risk, take a chae, make a change, and break away ♪ connection to nature is a right that the trust for public land is fighting to preserve. from boulevards to ball fields and ponds to playgrounds, together we have saved over 3 million acres of land. a park is a gift that is worth protecting. help su
May 16, 2013 8:00am PDT
, >>> voting to appeal obama care. again, the scandal lobby, recent controversy, those are two of the hot topics pitched to us today. sara covers health care policy for the washington post. kate covers homes and joanne greel joins was, as well. it's great to have you all here. i want to start out by showing the "new york times" and what they put out today in regard to obama care in this vote coming up. it's the 43rd day that they've devoted time on this issue according to our court. it's in the upper 30s. almost 40 times there that the vote has come up on this. we all remember john boehner said this was the law of the land. >> one of the things that john boehner has said is he has a lot of -- who want to be on the record opposing this law and he's giving them the chance to vote against it. and it's easy to write off over three dozen votes as inconsequential. at the same time, we are polling showing about facilitiers and americans think that congress has repealed the laws. there is a real impact of having these repeated votes again and again in term of how the public cares about the af
May 14, 2013 4:00pm EDT
targeted conservative groups. >> as the obama administration scandal politics list grows, we're going to discuss how it could tackle our nation's real problems, like oh, you know, tax reform. coming up. >>> also ahead, we'll talk exclusively with the man at charge at one of the biggest mortgage lenders out there to talk the state of housing, citi mortgage's ceo. that's in just a few minutes. don't go anywhere. ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] you're the boss of your life. in charge of long weekends and longer retirements. ♪ ask your financial professional how lincoln financial can help you take charge of your future. ♪ available out there. i knew devry university would give me the skills that i needed to make one of those tech jobs mine. we teach cutting-edge engineering technology, computer information systems, networking and communications management -- the things that our students need to know in the world today. our country needs more college grads to help fill all the open technology jobs. to help meet that need, here at devry university, we're offering $4 million dollars in tech sc
May 13, 2013 5:00pm PDT
the united states. >> reporter: president obama addressed the scandal. the irs admits it put the tea party under the microcope. the irs required more paper work from the tea party and scrutinized groups that edgeicated people about the constitution. but the commissioner testified otherwise last year. >> there is absolutely no targeting. this is what happens. >> the contradiction is setting off a firestorm, especially with tea party groups. >> we want to know who knew what when. heads will roll. this is absolute suppression of civil liberties. >> reporter: president obama says the irs must be neutral. >> you should feel that way regardless of party. >> reporter: he says he is waiting for the full audit before making moves against the irs. >> it is outrageous. contrary to our traditions and people have to be held accountable and it has to be fixed. >> house speaker nancy pelosi said there is no place for this inappropriate activity in the irs or by its employees. ktvu channel 2 news. >>> president obama down played the controversy over how his administration handled the attackts --
May 16, 2013 12:00am PDT
the fallout from the a.p. scandal. this morning the obama administration asked senator chuck schumer to reintroduce legislation that would help reporters protect the identity of their sources from federal officials. where is that going? >> well, it's going further than it would have a couple of days ago. this is really interesting, piers. because this is an issue that has historically had bipartisan support. just a few years ago, back in 2009, senator chuck schumer, a democrat, an ally of the president, was trying to get this through. and suddenly it got stopped in its tracks. according to schumer back then, it's because the obama administration tried to water it town too much. they effectively didn't want it. guess what, they picked up the phone this morning, they called chuck schumer and said maybe it's time for you to reintroduce that reporter shield law bill. so that's exactly what he did. it's another example of -- on all of these fronts the obama administration trying to do damage control. and this time legislatively. >> and jessica, the third scandal. hard to keep up with all
FOX Business
May 20, 2013 7:00pm EDT
problems for president obama and the irs scandal. a spokesman seemed to change th account in two key ways. >> the white house counsel was informed that the inspector general for tax administration was completing the report about irs employees improperly scrutinizing what are known as 501c4 organizations by using words such as tea party and patriot. >> now saying he at least some details about the probe, given that yesterday's senior adviser dan pfeiffer seemed to suggest otherwise about what the white house was told. >> not the details of what happened o the result of the investigation. >> suddenly revealing to a wide approved senior white house officials were informed of the probe but did not tell the president. >> after that initial notification enable the white house counsel informed the chie of staff and other members of the senior staff. at no time did anyone on the staff intervene with the heiresses director-general audit . >> he only mentioned that ron meyer had been informed and dow plated by saying that she was bullied about the fact that the ads he was finishing a review o
FOX News
May 15, 2013 1:00am PDT
the doubt. >> bill: i'm not giving the benefit of anything. >> you are saying it's not a scandal it is a scandal. >> wild morning with both the left and the right challenging me. we will show you what happened and analyze the growing pressure on president obama. this is about getting to the truth so people can be held accountable and we can prevent this from happening again. >> what does senator rubio think about what makes the baby mushy in philadelphia, there is another doctor under scrutiny. is it legal will have the story. caution. you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. >> hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. analyzing the side show. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. with president obama calling the benghazi controversy a side show yesterday. it is instructive to look at public opinion on the issue right now. according to the new pew research poll 56% of americans not really falling the benghazi story. something talking points put forth last week. 44% are interested. 37% believe the obama administration ha
May 18, 2013 11:00am PDT
job, your money, your prosperity. this is "your money." president obama wants to steer the conversation towards his policy goals and the smell of scandal is getting stronger in washington. >> the white house, knocked off message by a rash of bad headlines. the irs allegedly targets conservative groups. the government is spying on ap reporters and new details about the deadly raid in benghazi. conservatives seize the moment. >> my question is who is going to jail over this scandal? >> we have got to restore the trust in government. >> i have never seen anything quite like this except in the past during the nixon years. >> the watergate scandal forced president nixon to resign but do these rise to that level? review. president clinton had two scandals, white water and monica lewinski. franklin and grant were arrested while in office. yes, it was a bad week for the white house politically. maybe the worst of obama's second term. will it derail his legacy? after all, he promised to help us prosper. >> we believe that america's prosperity must rest upon the broad shoulders of a
May 13, 2013 7:00pm PDT
is really just the irs doing its job. here is what president obama said about the scandal as it has erupted the last few days. >> if in fact irs personnel engaged in the kind of practices that have been reported on and were intentionally targeting conservative groups, then that's outrageous. there's no place for it. and you know, they have to be held fully accountable. i have no patience with it, i will not tolerate it, we will make sure that we find out exactly what happened on this. >> well, yeah, sure, if the irs personnel intentionally targeted conservative groups, that would be bad. but what if irs personnel were correctly examining political organizations' applications for tax exempt status? that is not scandalous because that's the irs' job, they must do it. they cannot just grant tax exempt status to anyone that asks for it. the irs has a specific guideline for granting that tax exempt status. section 501 c 4, internal revenue code, defines social organizations for tax exempt purposes defines them this way. civic leagues or organizations not organized for profit but operated
FOX News
May 15, 2013 11:00pm PDT
presidents get in a scandal and amazing how many come through it like bill clinton and barack obama will as well. >> bill: the firing of miller, the irs chief tonight, this is the beginning of barack obama's come back? >> i believe in time the press will turn the other way. if they do some substantive things and answer some of these questions i think the answer is yes. >> all right. so you think the press, which is in love with the president, generally speaking. will take this as a sign that everything is going to go back to normal? >> i think they were in love with him and now they turned against him as the pretty wants to do they will turn back the other way. >> why would they turn back the other way. >> they are a mob mentality. if somebody writes it first they will write it second. >> bill: why would they turn back the other way? george w. bush they didn't turn back the other way. >> he is not the same politician. much better politician than. >> is it about politics. >> most all of this is about politics. >> a brief. >> philosophy and politics not necessarily crossed paths at least i
May 15, 2013 7:00pm PDT
even more and president obama will be asked about benghazi, the irs, and the phone scandals in a press conference thursday. >> washington, craig boss well. >>> there are new sign it is tonight, according to the md data quick, bay area home prices jumped 17% in april, that puts the median price in the nine bay eaoup 31% from last year. this is first time prices have surpassed that in five years. >>> the dow hit another all time high on a gain of 60 points closing at 15,275. the nasdaq inched up a couple points. >>> cisco of san jose had positive numbers. >>> the networking equipment company said its net income rose 14% thanks to state government and local spend. >> cisco is one of the largest tech companies in the world. >> they sold close to $23. >> according to the transportation department, more people who choose to fly in march weren't able to get to their destinations on time, but fewer of them complained about it. >> the government said today fewer flights arrived on time and more were are cancelled in march than a year ago. >> hawaii an airlines had wovrt worst. >> down fro
May 15, 2013 9:00pm PDT
. >> president obama speaking out about the irs scandal, and talking of the resignation of the acting commissioner. this crisis is just beginning for the white house. donald rumsfeld has more to say about this, and his new book is "rumsfeld rules," he joins me. how are you? >> excellent. >> well, we'll try and change that. >> come on, come on. >> you have been in this position where you get hit with all sorts of stuff and it all comes like number nine bus, all at once. when you look at these three scandals in totality are they real scandals or run of the mill issues that any white house has to deal with? >> well, one is bad. two is four, and three is ten. it -- the pressure is enormous in the white house when this happens. it is the perfect storm. and we all have watched enough of our history to know that big and bad things can start from very small things. and the old rule is that there are two rules in washington. the first rule is the cover-up is worse than the event. and the second rule is, no one remembers the first rule. >> well, let's start with cover-up, because i want to come
May 17, 2013 5:00pm PDT
asking, will scandal destroy obama's second term agenda? these scandals might be the best thing that ever happened to obama's central legislation priority for immigration. robert, i will begin with you and ask your response of someone who knows the house caucus very well. >> i think it is a good argument, well argued. >> that's very kind but don't hold back. >> i was on capitol hill today huddling with leadership sources and you're right, they are very much consumed with the irs, benghazi and ap. but the resistance to the gang of 8's bill that's coming out of the senate and resistance to the house bipartisan groups bill is still there. those who run the conservative flank, steve kings of house of republican congress, they will still try it kill this, chris. as much as there is a scandal distraction, there is still the resistance. >> were you surprised that the house gang of 8 came to terms today? was that something you were expecting or is that a turn of events. >> i think you are on to something, actually. i completely agree with you. i think this scandal is basically given the heri
FOX News
May 14, 2013 6:00am PDT
. martha: all right. everybody, yet another scandal is now emerging this morning from the obama administration. the associated press says that the justice department secretly seized their phone records from reporters and editors. the news organization, very unhappy about this to say the least. they're calling it a massive and unprecedented intrusion, raising a lot of questions about freedom of the press and the first amendment. good morning, everybody, i'm martha maccallum. here in america's newsroom. >> i'm gregg jarrett in for bill hemmer. top lawmakers want answers, they want them now, raising questions of abuses of power. speaker of the house, john boehner saying quote, they better have a damn good explanation. martha: add to that, new reports this morning that the irs scandal may be first bigger than expected. president obama also increasingly defensive in the news conference over the growing benghazi firestorm. we may find out how many scandals the white house can juggle at one time. we have fox team coverage of this. catherine herridge is on the justice department's snoop
May 18, 2013 3:00am PDT
up like barack obama, for whatever reason. it's that kind of day in the news. >>> today is scandal o'clock all day long. we saw the guy forced out of the irs grilled about the tax agency using single key words to skrine out people for scrutiny. he did tell two higher-ups last june that he was going to be doing this investigation into how the conservative groups were treated. he told the deputy treasury secretary and the general counsel at treasury that he was starting this inquiry as to whether conservatives were being unfairly singled out. he told them he was starting this inquiry but obviously not what the inquiry had found since he hadn't found anything yet since he was just getting started. republicans have seized on this news because of the timing. saying it's important there were administration officials outside just the irs itself who knew before the election that there was at least a potential problem with the irs targeting conservative groups. shouldn't that have been disclosed publicly? could that have become a salient issue in the election had the administration disclose
May 18, 2013 6:00am EDT
you there. that's kind of where we are right now. we're in scandal mode. does the obama administration have a way of getting itself out of scandal mode, or is this essentially indefinite if not permanent now? does the obama administration need to get washington out of scandal mode, or is there some way in which they might not see this as necessarily all bad for them? and has barack obama, the man, or barack obama, the politician, even before he was president ever been through a period like this in his life? in his personal or political history, has he ever been through this type of trial? does his past tell us anything about what might happen next? joining us now is david axelrod, former senior presidential adviser to barack obama and now director of the institute for politics and msnbc senior political analyst. thank you for being here. >> i'm all nostalgic listening to this recounting of the week. i'm missing washington so much. >> i bet. you have known president obama for a long time. you've been with him through a lot of his political career. has he ever been through
FOX News
May 19, 2013 4:00pm EDT
, peter doocy. >>gregg: more fallout from yet another scandal rocking the obama administration. the c.e.o. of the associated press speaking out today about the justice department's secret subpoena of reporter phone records. in an appearance on "face the nation," he said that justice department had no right to do what it did, the way it did it. >> i don't know what their motive is. i can tell you, their actions are unconstitutional. we don't question their right to conduct these investigations. we just think they went about it the wrong way. so sweeping, so secretively, so abusively and harassingly, and over broad that it constitutes -- it is an unconstitutional act. >>gregg: he said that whole scandal has hurt journalism. sources now are lessing to talk to reporters. >>heather: new questions raised about the benghazi terror attack controversy dogging the white house. the senior house advisor telling fox chris wallace that it is "largely irrelevant" where the president was on the day of the attacks. we now have that report from washington, dc. >> republican lawmakers will not stop un
FOX News
May 17, 2013 1:00am PDT
been involved with benghazi, the fast and furious gun scandal and mr. obama's liberal appointments. the congressman joins us from washington. i think tonight we want to try to advance the story. as we all know the factor audience knows what has happened. president obama says he is going to fix it. the only thing he is not going to fix is benghazi. that's still very hurricaney. he will fix the irs. going to get to the bottom of the a.p. thing. might be justified. how do you see this thing going forward? does mr. obama, can you link him to anything that is going to be troublesome for him? >> well, certainly, bill, the first thing you have to remember is with fast and furious, after congress was lied to, the american people were lied to for 10 months. he asserted executive privilege and is not willing to turn over the actual records of those lies. that advance transparency before we get to benghazi. >> bill: nothing more you can do. his own justice department isn't going to investigate it. so it's a skate. he wins. >> well, perhaps. although a federal judge has the case before them. h
May 17, 2013 6:00pm PDT
of where we are right now. we're in scandal mode. does the obama administration have a way to get out of scandal mode. or is this indefinite if not permanent now? does the obama administration need to get washington out of scandal mode or is there some way as them seeing this as not all bad for them. and has barack obama the man, or barack obama the politician, even before he was president, ever been through a period like this in his life? in his personal or political history, has he ever been through this type of trial? does his past tell us anything about what might happen next in joining us is david axelrod. he is now director of the institute of politics at university of chicago and msnbc senior political analyst. thank you for being here. >> thank you. i'm nostalgic listening to the the recounting of the week. i'm missing washington so much. >> yeah, i bet. well you have known president obama for a long time. you've been with him through his political career. has he ever been through a very difficult sort of multifaceted period like this? personally or politically, have you seen
FOX News
May 19, 2013 8:00pm PDT
bluntly point out that the obama administration is not transparent and covering up scandals and lying to the american people. and now with the white house caught in the middle of three separate scandals, benghazi, and irs targeting of conservative groups and the justice department illegal probe in the journal phone records, the rest of the media is starting to catch up including the pundits who praised the president. >> he's accountable for it and i am offended by. it it is not a political or conservative or liberal. it is trusting your government. >> the transparency thing is crumbling. >> the president held a press government and he did well. he had been listening to their conversation. >> and lot of american a dults the last time the government looked in phone calls of the reporters and using the irs for political purposes twas the nixon era. when the government wants to do good things, managerial confidence falls between david brent and a cat chasing a hasser pointer. but when government wants to flex muscles, (bleep) you are the iron man. >> this is not the nixon ministration whe
FOX News
May 19, 2013 2:00am PDT
point out that the obama administration is not transparent and covering up scandals and lying to the american people. and now with the white house caught in the middle of three separate scandals, benghazi, and irs targeting of conservative groups and the justice department illegal probe in the journal phone records, the rest of the media is starting to catch up including the pundits who praised the president. >> he's accountable for it and i am offended by. it it is not a political or conservative or liberal. it is trusting your government. >> the transparency thing is crumbling. >> the president held a press government and he did well. he had been listening to their conversation. >> and lot of american a dults the last time the government looked in phone calls of the reporters and using the irs for political purposes twas the nixon era. when the government wants to do good things, managerial confidence falls between david brent and a cat chasing a hasser pointer. but when government wants to flex muscles, (bleep) you are the iron man. >> this is not the nixon administration wher
May 20, 2013 3:00am PDT
race, looking at the impact of these three so-called scandals on president obama and his ability to get the job done for the next three and a half years. s speaking of the president, fairly easy schedules today, the president and the vice president will get their daily briefing at 10:45 followed by a meeting with the senior advisors and then this afternoon, the president is holding a bilateral meeting with his excellency president fine sign, the president of bedrooma in the oval. jay company convening the prior to house press score for today's press briefing in the brady briefing room at 12:30. i will represent all of you. take a look at the political landscape with peter finn and larry sabato. this is "the bill press show." >> how would you like to put your troubles with the irs behind you? [ music ] >> good morning, friends and neighborhoods and welcome to the "full-court press" here on this monday morning may 20th. so good to see you today. thank you for joining us as we bring you up todate on all of the news of the day. whatever is happening here in our nation's capitol, around
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